Vtiger CRM Hosting Pricing

Your Vtiger CRM investment fully secure, great support and done-for-you admin so you can focus on your business. Not dealing with Vtiger

Maximum Users (**) Hosting & Support Secure & Fast Hosting (Monthly)
Up to 5 Users $29
Up to 10 Users $59
Up to 20 Users $109
Up to 30 Users $159
Up to 50 Users $259
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(**) The number of user is an estimation of how many users a server can handle. We will not monitor how many users you have in your Vtiger CRM. You will not be asked to upgrade plans as long you dont exceed the server resources. Consider this a soft limit.

All prices are on monthly basis. No minimum commitment, cancel any time

All Plans Include
  • Secure & fast cloud hosting
  • Free Migration
  • Rock solid back-ups
  • Support & done-for-you admin(*)
  • Phone, Email, and Chat support
  • Experienced Developers
  • Code and Server Support(*)
  • Migrate Away Warranty
  • 100% Value Promise
Secure & fast cloud hosting, rock solid back-ups & done-for-you admin service. The piece of mind of knowing that your Vtiger investment is fully protected.

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Migrate Away & 100% Money Back Warranty

If, for any reason, you are not happy with VT Cloud service. We will refund your last payment and move your CRM to any hosting of your choice. For FREE



Are the prices by Month? Can I cancell at any time?
Yes and yes! Prices are per server per month. You can cancell at any time.
Can I customize my CRM Code?
Yes! The main difference between VTCloud Host and Vtiger on demand is that you can: Customize your code and Install third-party module without any restrictions.
What do you mean by Max Number of Users?
The number of users is an estimate of how many user will be able to use the server. Based on our experience hosting vtiger.

We allow you to add a few more users as long as your are happy with the server performance.

Think of these as a relationship between server resources and users

What does the code support include?
If you have any issue with your vtiger code, we could take a look and help figure that out. We won’t developed any new feature or change the way an existing feature works. Also, the support is limited to core code. Custom modules should be supported by the provider.

If you need bugfixing please check our support plans or one time offers.

How many backups do you keep?
We keep the last 30 days of your data. Both locally in your server and offsite.
Can I download a backup?
Yes! Please enter support tickets and we will send you a download link for your latest backup
Can I have root access?
We don’t provide root access since there is no need of it to manage your vtiger installation. Get in touch with us if you need it.
Can I have FTP access?
Yes! We can provide you with a secure FTP Connection.
Can I have Database access?
Yes! We can provide you with a secure way to connect to your database.
Could you install vtiger for me?
Yes, get in touch with us. We may required you to pay up to 6 six month in advanced (depending on the plan) to cover vtiger installation costs.

If you have any other question please get in touch. You will get a response right away