vTiger CRM is a free, full-featured, 100% Open Source CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses, but let face it. Hosting your own CRM can be a painful experience. Would you trust your commercial and customer data to a random hosting your provider found online?

VTCloud Host, The Vtiger Hosting Company

We don’t host anything other than Vtiger CRM’s – everything we offer is wholly catered and dedicated to Vtiger, without compromise. No other hosting provider can provide the expertise and experience we have on Vtiger

We even put a piece of Vtiger CRM in our Brand Name. “VT” which stand for Vtiger, that is how much compromise with Vtiger we have.

Vtiger CRM is a key piece of your business, be sure yours is updated, secured and fully backup. Every single day.

Who We Are?

VGS Global, our parent company, is a Vtiger CRM Consultancy company that was founded and run by Conrado Maggi and Jeremias Maggi. We’ve started VGS in 2011 and have been growing organically even since.

With the goal to be the #1 Vtiger Consultant provider. We offer consulting, customization and integration Services to medium size enterprises

As one of the top contributors to Vtiger Extensions Marketplace, Vtiger forums and Vtiger developers list you can be sure you are dealing with a company that knows Vtiger CRM all around.